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From our office in Antwerp, we offer you a personal approach with our legal assistance aiming at conflict settlement in areas in which we have developpend an extensive specialization: employment law, real estate law, environmental law, urban planning and zoning. We can also be called upon for assistance in due diligence research carried out in the framework of mergers or take overs following our far-reaching expertise in such matters.


Questions on the destination of your property or on the possibilities of deviation of or changing such a destination ?  Looking for assistance when dealing with your building permit application or outweighing your chances before filing an appeal against the allotment permit of your neighbour? Just Business Law assist you with the necessary expertise and, if necessary, establishes a personal contact with the competent authorities in order to introduce a project in an optimized manner.

Under the influence of the European legislation, Flemish environmental regulations keep evolving and increasing.  A partner who is aware of these changes is at all times crucial.  Just Business Law points the way in these complex matters.

Drafting a leasehold or rental agreement, assistance at a building contractor’s dispute or filing an appeal against a vacancy levy.  Matters in which you prefer to be assisted professionally by lawyers with the required expertise. Just Business law offers you the right legal advice for every real estate-related question. 

The ‘human capital’ of a company is becoming more and more important.  A conflict with an employee or a body of employee representation can disrupt the functioning of a company to a serious extent.  When negotiating a collective dismissal or closing of a company (or of a department) one must keep in mind the comprehensive regulations but also act in line with the values and vision of the company concerned. Just Business Law advises you in a direct and correct manner.

Due Diligence

The lawyers of Just Business Law have many years experience in carrying out a due diligence investigation in the framework of mergers and acquisitions (M&A). We will provide you afterwards with a clear and concise report of the discovered points of interest that allow you to evaluate correctly the opportunities and modalities of the planned transaction.

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