Employment law

Employment law

The ‘human capital’ of a company is increasingly important.  A conflict with an employee or an employee representation body can disturb the working of a company to a considerable extent.  Do you require specialized legal advice? 


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Employment law plane

Employment law

Individual Employment Law

Individual employment law deals with the relationship between employer and employee.  Dealing with conflicts or legal questions is in this framework unavoidable. Just Business Law provides you with accurate legal advice and mediation relating to:

  • Employment contracts;
  • Setting up multiple employment relationships (salary split) or carrying out modifications / terminations;
  • Specific clauses like non compete clauses, exclusivity clauses, training clauses;
  • Negotiating salary conditions or setting up bonus arrangements or interpreting international bonusplans along the lines of Belgian rules and regulations;
  • Terminating employment contracts by serving a notice period or paying an indemnity in lieu of notice or assist you with a termination for cause;

Collective employment contract

The complexity of social consultation requires the correct support for you to find your way in the event of collective termination or the closing of (a part of) an undertaking.
But also in the event of negotiating a collective bargaining agreement, consultation of union delegation, a dispute in the works’ council or a restructuring, our pro-active approach aims at defending your long-term interests.

Social security law and social insepction

Just Business Law advises you and your company in relation to disagreements with the social security authorities, the unemployment authorities or other public institutions, if necessary with the assistance of a criminal law specialist.

International employment

Working with foreign employees in Belgium or seconding employees abroad entails a lot of considerations, on an individual level but also in relation to social security issues.  Sound legal advice is an absolute must if you want your employees to take up their foreign tasks and responsibilities without worrying about their legal or healthcare status.  We also assist at employing your foreign workers – possibly in the framework of multiple employment –in a correct manner (minimum wages, social security obligations,…).